Is Week 8 the “Pumpkin Spice Latte” Weekend of the College Football season?

If you’re one of those “It’s fall I NEED a Pumpkin Spice Latte NOW” people, then the answer is yes.


Last week had a few fun upsets with Tennessee and Michigan State pulled off major wins, while LSU and Iowa State held strong at home for substantial points for many people. Will we have a week without upsets? There are several games in the > 300 point category. Let’s try and identify candidates. Continue reading

G2E 2018 Conference Recap


g2e 2018

The GoodBookey team headed out west to Sin City as a featured Innovation Lab presenter for the G2E 2018 conference. Before we dive in, G2E is one of the worlds biggest gaming conferences that brings together all types of people and companies from across the world who work in and around the gaming industry – be it sports betting, data and security, and even casino floor games. Continue reading

Week 7 is in the house!

Last week was fun with so many games where the range between teams was 300 points or less. It was hard to find true upsets, but some people picked wisely.

Northwestern beat Michigan State for good value and then there were several 200-300 point winners. This week there are 6 games with a range greater than 300 points, but only half of those seem possible. Who can correctly pick the even line games and win the week? Continue reading

Week 6: Predictable on Paper. This Spells Trouble…

Last week the true upsets calmed down and we had a relatively low total for our weekly winner.

Syracuse should have beaten Clemson but did not. Are there any good upset candidates this week? True upsets are when one team is at least 300 points higher than the other, and this week does not offer many realistic opportunities. However, this week has more even matchups than any previous week! So it should be harder to get all 5 of your games correct. Continue reading