Announcing Our Newest Business & Charity Partner: theCHIVE

Announcing Our Newest Corporate Partner: theCHIVE

Guess who’s newest corporate partner is theCHIVE?

OURS! I know—we’re pretty pumped too. Learn more about our newest addition to the GoodBookey family below.

What Does theCHIVE Do?

Their goal as a business is simple: to make the world 10 percent happier. Can you imagine if the whole world were 10 percent happier? It would amount to a lot of happiness. They accomplish this through entertaining and funny videos, photos, and more. Additionally, they boast chapters all over the country of Chivers and Chivettes who are passionate about the Chive Nation community. They also run a charity called Chive Charities which serves as the voice for those without one, freedom for those without independence, and building a better future, tirelessly, for the underdogs. They’re a pretty big deal.

What Will theCHIVE Do With GoodBookey?

Only change the world’s happiness by a full TEN PERCENT. We plan to do things like hold custom events where you can place your GoodBookey bets on Chive Charities while also incorporating theCHIVE. It will be big, it will be powerful, and it might involve tacos.

Chive Charities’ Impact

To date, Chive Charities has:

  • Completed 94 renovations
  • Purchased 74 ADA vehicles
  • Provided 410 pieces of medical and therapy equipment
  • Orchestrated 4,791 impactful experiences

What’s Next?

On July 26, 2017, GoodBookey and theCHIVE held a top-secret testing event. It’s a pretty big deal. Like, it’s freaking awesome. We’re realllllly excited to tell you more about it, but it’s not time yet. We’re busy perfecting the even more amazing partnership events to come. (Want real-time updates? Like our Facebook page.)

In the meantime, you can get your fix below via photo highlights:

We are thrilled to partner with theCHIVE! Be sure to select Chive Charities as your charity on your next Goodbookey bet!