Big 10 to clean up ’17-’18 NCAA Bowl Season

It’s BOWL Time.  

It’s time for our in house sports analyst, Jason Senkbeil, to tackle Bowl Games.

Bowl games are difficult to predict for many reasons.  The 2 primary reasons are Motivation and Uncertainty.  Motivation is easier to forecast for some teams since you can get a feeling for how excited a team is to be playing in that bowl game.  Motivated teams perform better.  Purdue and UAB are 2 motivated teams that had unexpected successful seasons.  Uncertainty at this time of year pertains to coaching changes.  How many teams in bowl games just lost their head coach or a crucial coordinator?  These coaches get to jump at better financial opportunities, yet the athletes they recruited are stuck in binding agreements, and this swings around the circle to affect player Motivation.

Message board losers love to have endless “my conference is better than your conference “ debates that exist all the way through the end of bowl season.  No single game is a referendum on conference strength.  Parity ruled this year and we did not have a dominant conference.  Just for kicks, here are the expected bowl records by conference using  Vegas lines.  This could also be stated as, which conference has the best matchups according to bettors.

Big 10, 7-1

Big 12, 4-4

ACC, 5-5

SEC, 4-5

PAC 12, 3-6

So, if this holds form we will hear a bunch of Big 10 crowing this year because of a superior bowl record.  Maybe you won the games you were supposed to win?  Please no SEC  SEC chants when most of the conference stunk this year.  Perspective

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