GoodBookey Charitable Gambling App

GoodBookey — Can Charitable Gambling Work? Let’s see.

Why do people bet?

The common thinking is that there are a couple of reasons–the thrill of competition, risk and reward, and associated social interactions. People do play for money, and some of the ill-advised few even do this for financial gain.

But what about charitable gambling?

The GoodBookey team believes that a certain subset of these people will get the same excitement and interest about sports-based gambling while redirecting the financial outcome to charity. Because of this, we’ve launched our application, which focuses on charitable sports betting, on both Google and Apple stores.

How to use GoodBookey

How does it work? We allow our users to make peer-to-peer challenges (this is not gambling) based on a number of sporting events. Each participant selects a charity to play for, and in the end, the loser makes a donation to the winner’s charity. Winners get social credit for raising money.

We are thinking about this application more from a philanthropic approach which uses gambling vs. gambling app for charity. We are getting a lot of excitement from our users and our partner charities. The idea is to challenge our friends and families to make donations. We have a number of great charities participating and could use some feedback. Because of this, try it out and let us know what you think in the comments! We love to hear how we can help GoodBookey grow, thrive, and become more user-friendly.

To download GoodBookey: