Charity Spotlight: Vs. Cancer

GoodBookey is happy to shine light on our charity partner, Vs. Cancer!

What Does Vs. Cancer Do?

Vs. Cancer empowers athletes, sports teams, and community members to help children with cancer by fundraising. During the fundraising process, the foundation works with each sports team to identify something specific they want to fund. This includes helping to add personnel, decorate inpatient rooms, or fund research grants. In addition to fundraising, the foundation links teams to hospitals so that athletes can spend quality time directly with the children undergoing treatment.

How Did Vs. Cancer Start?

Founder Chase Jones experienced the world of childhood cancer firsthand. As an 18-year-old college freshman and University of North Carolina baseball player, Chase began experiencing severe headaches and was quickly diagnosed with Stage IV brain cancer. Chase’s Tar Heel baseball team organized their efforts and, with the help of local athletes and youth sports teams, raised $10,000 to help him fight the disease. After being successfully treated at the Lineberger Cancer Center and North Carolina Children’s Hospital, Chase went on to found the Vs. Cancer Foundation, providing athletes a platform to give to childhood cancer research, and successfully grew the presence to connect dozens of communities and thousands of supporters to raise money for childhood cancer research.

Vs. Cancer’s Impact

The foundation estimates that their program currently impacts some 75,000 children at more than 90 partner hospitals. Since its formation, the foundation has partnered with nearly 100 college teams, 13 professional teams, and dozens of youth and high school teams across the country to raise money for fighting childhood cancer. Half of every dollar goes to national childhood cancer research, while the other half is donated to local childhood cancer hospitals and other efforts. This model helps keep funds in the communities, where doctors, nurses, and patients need it the most, while still producing significant contributions in the research world.

What You Can Do

  • Donate to Vs. Cancer by following this link!
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