Dr. Senkbeil March Madness Round 2

Breaking Down the First Four: March Madness with Dr. Jason Senkbeil


Let’s get pumped up for the First Four! Here to help is GoodBookey’s very own bracketologist, Dr. Jason Senkbeil.

Dr. Senkbeil is a climatologist and meteorologist in the Department of Geography at the University of Alabama. Having always loved sports, he is a College Football and College Basketball Superfan and now GoodBookey’s guest Bracketologist. In his spare time, he reads about sports analytics and statistical trends, sometimes finding common ground with weather forecasting.

The First Four Game to Keep an Eye On

Best First Four game to watch according to him? Wake Forest vs. Kansas State. Here’s what makes it so interesting, according to Dr. Senkbeil:

Both Wake Forest and Kansas State are from power conferences, so the tendency to for the people to play conference superiority as the decision maker can be flawed. Wake is all offense (8th in OE and 160 in DE, which we will go over tomorrow) and Kansas State is balanced. Wake is extremely similar to Marquette, and their statistical profiles suggest they were separated at birth. Marquette is a 10 seed. Kansas State is most similar to Vandy and Northwestern, who are 9 and 8 seeds, respectively. Kansas State has six top 50 wins, while Wake has three. Additionally, Kansas State has lots of hustle and effort, but they are lacking star power.

If Wake plays Swiss cheese defense like they normally do then Kansas State should squeak past.

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