For Charities

Promoting charitable organizations and facilitating donations through competitive gameplay.

  • Receive effortless donations
  • Raise awareness
  • Connect with donors

How it works

Goodbookey is not gambling. There are no fees for charities. Best of all, you will reach sports fans with a philanthropic spirit.


Apply to GoodBookey

Start the review process by filling out our appliction: click here.


GoodBookey Review

We review every charity application to ensure good standing and 501(c)3 status


Receive Acceptance

You will be notified via email when your charity is accepted.


Setup Your Account

Setup your Stripe payment account and provide information and brand assets. for use in the app.


Start Raising Money

Let everyone know you’re on GoodBookey so they can make challenges with your charity.

The Results

Fundraising is one of the key challenges of running a non-profit. GoodBookey provides us the opportunity to raise awareness and receive funds with virtually no overhead. We are excited about this application going into production because it has the potential to help us make a big impact in funding our programs.
– Director of Hearts with Haiti


How do I register to participate?

CLICK HERE to complete your registration to participate in this fundraising opportunity with the Goodbookey application.


What is required to register with Goodbookey?

Proof of 501(c)3 Determination Letter, mission statement, permission to use logo on site, logo file in .jpeg or .png format, Tax ID, Stripe API keys for your existing Stripe account, or your bank account and routing numbers to setup a Stripe account for use with GoodBookey.


What if I want to cancel?

As a charity, you will be able to cancel at any time. Cancellations and additions will be completed on a monthly basis.


Will Goodbookey cancel a charity's participation?

Yes. If a charity is found to be operating in a manner that violates public law they will be removed immediately. Should a company change their mission or undergo a change in focus, Goodbookey will reserve the right to make them inactive.


How are charities evaluated?

We are looking to support charities that are approved 501(c)3 organizations. We will be open to charities with diverse missions as we intend to create a diverse option for our members.


How much of the donation will go to my charity?

The current fee structure for payments is as follows:

Donation Amount Payment Processer Fee (2.2% + $.30 of Donation Amount) GoodBookey Fee (3% of Donation Amount) Net to Charity % of Donation Processed to Charity
$1 $0.32 $0.03 $0.65 65%
$5 $0.41 $0.15 $4.44 89%
$10 $0.52 $0.30 $9.18 92%
$15 $0.63 $0.45 $13.92 93%
$20 $0.74 $0.60 $18.66 93%
$25 $0.85 $0.75 $23.40 94%
$30 $0.96 $0.90 $28.14 94%

We have negotiated reduced transaction fee terms with Stripe from 2.9% down to 2.2%. Additionally, Stripe has generously agreed to waive their 2.2% transaction fee for the first $15,000 worth of donations PER nonprofit! Smaller transactions such as the $1 donation, will have a higher fee structure due to the payment provider's transaction fee. GoodBookey will not exceed the fee structure as shown, without written notification to participating charities. We reserve the right to waive the 3% fee for GoodBookey.


What will this cost my charity?

A small amount of time for setup by your administration is required. However, there are no fees for the charity to pay.


How will the funds get allocated and what information will I need to provide?

Charities will use their existing Stripe account or set up a new Stripe account for secured payment processing. Stripe will require the following items: Nonprofit's official name, Tax ID#, address, bank account #, information items about a legal representative from the charity and the charity must accept the *Stripe Connected Account Terms of Service.


What are my options for processing payment?

Stripe is our payment processing partner. High traffic and high user applications like Uber use Stripe to process their transactions. Stripe has partnered with us to waive the transaction fee for the first $15,000 raised per nonprofit as well as provided us long term reduced transaction fees after the first $15,000.


When will I receive the funds?

Payments will be processed directly to your organization as the users pay. This should happen within one business day of the user making the donation.


How will I know what amount will be provided to my charity?

There are many factors that influence the amount that your charity will receive over time. We will be able to share with you information such as user participation and the amount due to your organization at the end of each month. Over time we expect to provide more forecasting accuracy however we will need several months of data to model donation habits properly.


How much should I expect?

Goodbookey is a startup with a limited user base. We do not have metrics yet to sufficiently provide visibility but intend to make a meaningful impact.


What are our administration requirements?

The requirements are limited. We expect that the logo, mission statement, web link and payment information (payments only from goodbookey user to charity) are up to date.


Will I be able to get a list of donors?

Yes. When donations are made, the charity will receive a list of users with IDs. Our privacy statement will allow users to be directly contacted by the charities.


Will there be a tax deductible form?

Our production application will have the ability to provide a tax deductible report on demand from our built in reporting. We will provide an annual email after Jan 1 for the previous fiscal year with which charities were paid what amount by the user.


What is Goodbookey?

Goodbookey is an application with a platform for promoting charitable organizations and facilitating donations from new users through a competitive gameplay.


What is the target demographic?

Our demographic is male and female sports fans with a philanthropic spirit. We believe our key users will be between the ages of 20-40 years old with incomes >$50k/yr.


Is this gambling?

This is not gambling. There will never be an instance where money changes hands from one user to the other. Each user will be encouraged to make a donation at the end of the event.


Is this a non-profit?

Goodbookey is a for profit organization.


Will I have access to financial information from the company?

We want to be transparent. We will answer any concerns your organization may have and will provide data on a semiannual basis per request of the organization.


Who is the parent company? Who is the owner of this organization?

Goodbookey is an application owned and operated by Carimus. Carimus is a technology firm located in North Carolina.


Will there be other charities that have a similar mission included in Goodbookey?

This is possible. We will do our best to provide multiple missions within our network of charities. However, we want to provide and support a diverse set of missions so it is unlikely that there will be more than two organizations with a similar mission.


How many charities will Goodbookey sign up and have active?

We will be limiting the number of charities based on number of users.


Will there be promotional opportunities?

Yes. We are interested in cross promotion. We will provide our user base an update when a charity joins the organization and will offer campaigns to charities when special events occur.


Where will this application be promoted?

In the first year, we will only use local promotion, social media and partner relationships like Stripe to promote the application.


Will there be a Goodbookey phone application or will this just be available online?

We will be starting with a Web-APP and going to native IOs and Android by the end of 2016.


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