NCHRC Fundraising Kit

A fundraising kit just for North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition!

The beauty of being on GoodBookey is that a little effort on your part can go a long way. While your organization will gain exposure and funds through the existing GoodBookey user base, you can also use it to leverage micro donations from your current supporters who are already advocates for your cause.

Our goal is to grow our user base and user activity to see an average of $10 of donations per user.  One of our efforts toward this goal is creating a fundraising kit for our partner charities.

We know you are super busy so in an effort to make promotion as easy as possible, we’ve provided you customizable templates in our Fundraising Kit. This kit is complete with social media templates, print letter and postcard templates, and an email template announcing your partnership with GoodBookey and calling your existing donors to download the app and play in your name! (Seriously it will take you less than 15 minutes to add in your name and get these in circulation!)

Fundraising Kit Templates

DISCLAIMER: These items have been generated to make sharing our partnership easier. You do not have to use any of this, and you can change it as you see fit to speak to your target donor base. We hope it’s helpful 🙂

PRO TIP: Roll this out just before a local or regional game so your supporters can bet on the “Big Game”. This will help maximize supporter involvement.

Social Media

  • Twitter Content
    We partnered w/ @goodbookey, an app for social good! Support us & download app+make challenge w/ [ORG HANDLE] as the donation recipient!

    • Link to image for post
  • Facebook/LinkedIn Content
    We have partnered with GoodBookey, a fundraising platform for social good! Show your support by downloading the GoodBookey app from Google Play or Apple iTunes App store, and make a challenge with [INSERT ORGANIZATION NAME] as the donation recipient! Favorite [INSERT ORGANIZATION NAME]! Easy access to app download from the goodbookey site here –
  • Instagram Content and Image
    We have partnered with @goodbookey a fundraising platform for social good. Show your support by downloading the app from Google Play or Apple App store, and make a challenge with [INSERT ORGANIZATION NAME] as the donation recipient! Favorite [INSERT ORGANIZATION NAME]!

    • Link to image for post

Print/PDF Announcement

This is an editable PDF.  You can edit all content save and print to send to your mailing list!

Email Announcement

STEP 1 – Set up or login to your MailChimp account (If you use a different email marketing platform you can access the HTML code here and follow your marketing platforms process for uploading a custom email template)

STEP 2 – Click on this Link for the Email Template HTML File

STEP 3 – The template will automatically populate into your mailchimp account Template tab

STEP 4 – Edit as you see fit and create your campaign

  • Suggested Campaign Subject Line – *|USER:COMPANY|*Announces Partnership with GoodBookey!

NOTE: This email template uses “Merge Tags”(ex. *|FIRST|*= First Name field in List) from MailChimp that will pull information from your organization’s Mailchimp account and lists. ALWAYS test your campaign before sending to your user list. This template is fully editable and you can change and edit whatever you’d like including removing the “Merge Tags”.

Website Badge

This is a badge you can put on your website to publicize the GoodBookey platform as a way for your donors to give!

  • JPEG file
  • Registration url to add to graphic on the site
    • If donors use this link, your organization will automatically be a “Favorited” charity!

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