G2E 2018 Conference Recap


g2e 2018

The GoodBookey team headed out west to Sin City as a featured Innovation Lab presenter for the G2E 2018 conference. Before we dive in, G2E is one of the worlds biggest gaming conferences that brings together all types of people and companies from across the world who work in and around the gaming industry – be it sports betting, data and security, and even casino floor games.

From the moment we arrived at the conference we couldn’t help but notice that sports betting was on everyone’s mind – and not too surprisingly, there were a few more questions than answers. With the repeal of PASPA occurring just five months ago, established industry players and emerging companies are both actively maneuvering to see how they fit in the United States sports betting industry and what they can do now to ensure a seat at the table.

For GoodBookey, the equation isn’t as complicated as it is for some of our industry colleagues. We don’t have to pursue a license, legality issues, or worry about the red tape, thanks in large part to our mission of channeling the money raised directly to our charity partners. For us, the goal is to expand our network and find potential partners who are looking to engage new users that aren’t your typical bettors – sports fans that enjoy the competitive and social aspect of fantasy sports, with the aptitude to make an impact through donating to non-profits.

Arriving for our inaugural visit to G2E was a lot like arriving in Vegas for the first time and walking into a casino – bright lights, big screens, slot machines, and sports books as far as the eye can see. A situation that was as overwhelming as it was full of opportunity. The primary purpose for our attendance was to spread the word about GoodBookey through our Innovation presentation. We were selected by G2E as an innovative company in the “Emerging Markets” category. Our presentation was centered around how GoodBookey brings three normally disparate areas – sports betting, charity, and brand sponsorship – into one seamless and engaging experience. With everyone carving out space in the sports betting industry, it’s always interesting to see and hear the different ways companies go about solving problems and finding a user need. For us, we are excited about the opportunity to provide users with really fun and engaging games, centered around sports, that we know they will enjoy.

The kicker is, we aren’t the only ones that benefit from doing this. Non-profits love the passive donations they receive, in addition to the new donors that come in the form of participating users. On the other side of the coin, brands engage with these same users to build brand awareness and appeal by positioning themselves as socially responsible through engaging games at the intersection of fantasy and sports betting.

Throughout the G2E Conference, we met with hundreds of established and emerging companies, made new connections, and may have even participated in the some of the local traditions (a quick shoutout to Caesars Palace, who was the recipient of funds that didn’t quite convert to profit. That’s Vegas, baby!). Participating and attending conferences like G2E is a great way to keep a firm pulse on the industry so we know, as a company, if we are trending in the right direction or if we need to pivot based on industry trends. Despite the fact that there were more questions being asked about sports betting than answers being given, it was clear that GoodBookey, our mission, and the value that we deliver to users, brands, and non-profits is at the right place at the right time – and we are excited to keep blazing the trail!