GoodBookey Recap May 2017

GoodBookey Recap: May 2017

May 2017 has been busy and full of exciting news, so you won’t want to miss this GoodBookey recap! We’ve traveled to New Orleans to pitch for Collision, started prepping for Vivatech in Paris, and have been featured in two articles since the beginning of May. Continue reading for more information—you won’t want to miss it!


Earlier this month, the GoodBookey team attended Collision, the fastest growing tech conference in America. The team attended many talks and workshops lead by successful entrepreneurs, social media gurus, and influential investors. In addition to the knowledge gained from both talks and workshops, the networking opportunities made available at Collision were great at allowing us to connect with other startups, established companies, influential media, and leading investors alike. Furthermore, GoodBookey was one of only 66 startups selected to PITCH at Collision.

The PITCH competition allowed 66 startups to enter their prestigious pitch competition with only one coming out as the winner. Successful investors, media, and global partners connected with the winner to exponentially boost their company. The PITCH competition allowed one of our founders, Tony Pease, to present GoodBookey to these influential investors, media, and global partners. GoodBookey was selected to advance to the semi-finals as a result of Tony’s amazing pitch (view it here). Great job, Tony and team!

The knowledge and connections our team has gained from Collision was immeasurable. We can’t wait to go back next year!

Since Collision

GoodBookey has been featured in two news outlets since attending Collision—Gambit, a New Orleans newspaper, and BetaSights, a NC native branding agency.

Gambit highlights two of our founders and the scene of Collision Conf. Bryan Martin spoke of the approach GoodBookey takes with sports gambling. “We’re redirecting degenerative behavior to do some good,” Martin jokes. Read the rest at Gambit

The second article discusses what makes Raleigh a great city—and GoodBookey is part of it! What we loved: highlighting the entrepreneurial spirit that encompasses the Triangle and the three amazing Raleigh startups mentioned. “There’s no denying that having a little something extra on the side really ups your enthusiasm for a team fighting for a win. So, for those of us feeling a little charitable—or if you’re just looking for a tax write off—GoodBookey is here to offer the solution to the ‘problem’ of gambling.” Read more about what was said about GoodBookey: BetaSights

GoodBookey In the Future

GoodBookey is thrilled to announce that we have been accepted to Pitch at the VivaTechnology conference in June in Paris. We will be pitching under the (Social) Betting for Dummies category. Wish us luck and stay tuned for more information!