March Madness Final Four

Who is Headed to the Elite 8? Find Out Here!

Sweet 16 day four is here! We’re only two games away from finding out who is heading to the Elite 8, but we have a pretty good guess as to our picks.

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Dr. Senkbeil is currently 41-13 for straight picks and we’re looking forward to seeing how today’s games go. In the meantime, place your bets on GoodBookey (above!) and let’s raise some money for charity during the excitement of March Madness.

Without further ado, Dr. Senkbeil’s breakdown of today’s Sweet 16 Day 4 games:


    Projected Winner: Florida

    These teams split 1-1 during the regular season with South Carolina winning a close game at home and Florida blowing out the gamecocks at Florida. Florida and Wisconsin played the best game of the tournament with Wisconsin clawing back to erase an 8 point lead late. South Carolina destroyed Baylor while continuing to look like a completely different team than the regular season. Their OE is now115th so they have increased 37 places in 3 tournament games. If we use that small sample size (I don’t have the exact stats) it is estimated that South carolina is playing like a top 40 OE team to go along with their physical 2nd ranked defense. At some point, you cannot maintain such an anomalous performance and Xavier crashed back to Earth last night. Florida is a better team so I will continue to pick against South Carolina BUT I hope South Carolina wins again. Gators in a very close game 67-64.


    Projected Winner: Kentucky

    Kentucky’s duo of Fox and Monk is almost unstoppable. Fox cannot continue to play that well (39 against UCLA), but UCLA does not guard anybody. The real UNC overwhelmed Butler, but will the real UNC take the stage again? They are inconsistent. Kentucky is slightly better statistically and has better defense. Kentucky wins if Fox and Monk play like they have been. The tempo of this game should be quick with both teams top 50. Expect high scoring and Kentucky pulling away late to win by 5-6.