January Diaries

January Diaries Interviewed GoodBooker Cofounders at 2016 Collision Conference

January Barnes of January Diaries is a lifestyle blogger with upwards of 80,000 followers on her digital outlets. She travels the world attending popular conferences, fashion shows, sports events, festivals, and award shows.

Two GoodBookey cofounders were lucky enough for the chance to interview with January during the 2016 Collision Conference. Because of her special interest in GoodBookey, she interviewed Tony Pease and Bryan Martin. This interview appeared on her “Connecting in the Age of Technology” series.

January Diaries & GoodBookey Interview

To check out the interview between January, Tony, and Bryan, take a look here and skip ahead to 4:37 – 7:23. Additionally you can check the video out above.

Thanks again for the interview, January!