Micro Non-Profit, Macro Impact

Micro Non-Profit, Macro Impact: How You Can Help

Over the last year we have been working hard to combine two very different worlds: sports gambling and philanthropy. The idea being our efforts is to take the incredibly large industry of sports entertainment and provide a platform to redirect the social behavior of betting. As a result, we aim to raise money for impactful non-profits.

Non-Profit Industry

The non-profit industry is huge. $1.5T (yes, that’s trillion) is estimated to be contributed to non-profits annually. Most often, these nonprofits are categorized into three main groups:

  1. Institutional (Colleges, Churches, Foundations)
  2. Large Humanitarian (Wounded Warriors, Red Cross)
  3. Small to Midsize Humanitarian (Local Non-Profits)

Most of our civic-minded and socially aware users are very knowledgeable of the missions from both the institutional non-profits and the professional or larger non-profits. We’ve found, however, that they very seldom donated or volunteered with impactful non-profits. So how can you help?

Why a Micro Non-Profit?

Here at GoodBookey, we wanted to give a couple of examples of a micro non-profit with a macro impact. The goal of this is to encourage you to seek out causes that you are interested in supporting. As a result, we hope to lead you to work with a smaller non-profit. These organizations need as much support as larger non-profits. More often than not, in smaller non-profits, a high percent of the donation or time goes to directly benefit those who need it most.

Bridges to Prosperity — Bridges to Prosperity is fighting poverty caused by geographic isolation. They do this by building footbridges in impoverished nations.

Far Away Friends — Far Away Friends promotes strong community and development of compassionate global citizens through education and training programs.

Hearts with Haiti — Hearts With Haiti is helping socially and economically disadvantaged children in Haiti.

The organizations mentioned above have a very real connection to the communities they serve, yet they are small. Feeling inspired to make a difference? Here’s what you can do: Next time you feel the need to engage in some philanthropy (time and treasure), try connecting with one of these groups. In addition, you can review Guidestar.org for details about each of the non-profits.