Preseason College Football Conference Preview: SEC

Welcome to the College Football season!

To help get everyone off on the right foot for the GoodBookey College Football Challenge, we wanted to provide a conference by conference breakdown to get you familiar with the landscape and what to expect. Let’s start with the conference that is home to the 2018 National Champion, Alabama Crimson Tide.


SEC West

Current odds: Bama -182

Alabama has to replace most of its starting defense, but the offense should be loaded. That sounds similar to 2010 when the Bama offense was incredible but the defense let them down. Don’t expect a repeat of that season. With as much talent as they have and what appears to be the easiest schedule for them in ten years, expect Bama to go 11-1 or 12-0 and play in the SEC Championship.


SEC East

Current odds: Georgia -173

Georgia has to replace its stud RB duo in addition to many key players. Kirby Smart has been recruiting very well and they have a ton of talent. Justin Fields will eventually be starting QB and the offense will mature as the season progresses. The schedule is soft but there is a tricky road trip to South Carolina in week 2 and a trip to LSU. If they lose to one of those or somehow lose to Florida, but go 11-1 and play Bama in the SEC Championship.


SEC Playoff Team: Bama vs Georgia winner

Other Challengers: Auburn and Mississippi State