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What is GoodBookey?

GoodBookey is an app that raises funds and awareness for impactful non-profits by simulating peer-to-peer gambling on popular national and collegiate sports events.

Being good isn’t always easy, but we are changing that. We make donating funds to partner nonprofits quick, fun, and social through our peer to peer challenge system. Winning never felt so good.

History – GoodBookey design and development has been underway for the past 18 months as a collaborative effort by the founders.

How Does it Work?

The user simply picks a sport event, picks a donation wager, selects a charity to play for, and then challenges a friend. The loser makes a tax deductible donation to the winner’s selected nonprofit. See our videos(under ‘Let’s see it!’ section) for an overview and visual demo.

Who is on the Team?

Our team is a combination of creatives, technologists and veteran entrepreneurs with a passion for addressing social issues with technical solutions. We have collectively invested our skills, time and money into GoodBookey and we won’t stop until we’ve affected change in the ease of which willing do-gooders can give to the causes they believe in.

Founders Overview

Tony Pease (CEO), The Guts – The fearless among us, Tony is an entrepreneurial executive with a talent for building products, networks and teams, setting measurable goals, and then relentlessly and successfully attaining them.

Bryan Martin (CMO), The Soul – Our true creative, Bryan has a talent for gathering creative requirements, understanding the technical limitations, and melding it all into an exceptional vision.

Dan Shugan (Software Director), The Brain – Always the pragmatist, Dan’s career as a software engineer allows him to quickly identify technical obstacles and adjust development efforts to support secure, and stable application features.

Brandon Phillips (Software Architect), The Core – The best of all worlds, Brandon is a coding whiz, a translator of technical jargon(to the laymen of the group) and the ultimate team player.

Sarah Deasy (Operations Officer), The Heart – With “people first” as her mantra, Sarah defines the company culture and sets processes that will positively impact her team, partners, and the user community.

Rob Downs (Project Management Officer), The Voice – Ready to tell it like it is, Rob’s experience managing development teams, sharp intellect, and attention to detail, keep our app releases tight.

Anita Pease (Charity Champion), The Touch – As the executive director of a non-profit she founded, Anita understands how to best support the charities in their individual missions.


Let’s see it!

Here are some visuals to help you tell our story.


GoodBookey Logo:

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GoodBookey Tour Images:

Video Links

App Overview
Vimeo Video:
YouTube Video:

Vimeo Video:
YouTube Video:


Who processes the payment?
Payments are processed by our Secure Payment Processor, Stripe. Platforms like Uber run on Stripe.

But is it legal?
Yup. No money is being exchanged between participants and the donations are at will (meaning no donation is automatically processed, the user must select “Pay” upon each event outcome). Plus our lawyers said so 😀

Is there a reason why there aren’t many national charities?
While we are absolutely open to supporting larger charities, our goal is to provide small to medium size nonprofits with a tool for engaging their current donor base while exposing their mission to new philanthropic minded individuals in their communities

I want to recommend a non-profit, how do I do that?
If you know someone that works for the non-profit, please make a personal introduction to Sarah Deasy OR, If you just love the cause, send Sarah Deasy the link to the organization and we’ll take it from there.

Media Contact

Email, text, or call Sarah Deasy for inquiries or to recommend a certain charity partner.
(919) 608-5415

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