Announcing our new Runologie partnership—and a giveaway!

Goodbookey is proud to announce that we are partnering with Runologie for our very first mystery box giveaway!

Runologie is an independently owned and operated speciality running store located in Raleigh, North Carolina (just like Goodbookey). They are dedicated to providing quality shoes, clothing, and accessories for runners of all kinds. Additionally, each of their team members are experienced runners who assist costumers in making choices that lead to a more enjoyable walk, run, and overall lifestyle.

In addition to running advice and gear, they also provides their community with coaching, running training, and group runs. Sunday morning “hangover” runs take place each week, as well as, “State of Beer” group runs on Thursday evenings. Throughout the year, Runologie offers various running training programs. This summer, Runologie will be offering a summer speed series aiming to make members more efficient runners.

Runologie also just finished up training for runners participating in the Boston Marathon, which takes place today. We wish each of the marathon runners good luck!

Enter the Mystery Box Giveaway

Head to our Facebook page to enter for the giveaway. Entries are allowed from April 17th through the 21st and the winner will be announced on April 24th. Good luck!