Social Impact & Entrepreneurship

social impact


We were recently selected to represent Carimus (parent company of GoodBookey) at NCSU’s Goodnight Scholars Program Social Entrepreneurship Panel. Tony Pease, our CEO, provided useful insight to students that are passionate about social impact and entrepreneurship. For those of you who don’t know, the Goodnight Scholars Program prepares students to become transformational leaders at NC State University, in North Carolina, and in the world. When asked for a brief introduction of himself and our organization, Tony explained that “In my past work experience I established good methods for solving commercial problems for pay. However, what I really wanted to accomplish was how to solve social problems for pay. At Carimus, short for Care I Must, our social impact is our motivation.” In short, we execute for-profit activities that create a high social impact, insert GoodBookey.


GoodBookey started as a passion project to help redirect existing social behaviors to charitable donations. With over $10,000 in donations made to date, we are shedding light on important issues to help change the world one bet at a time. To do so, we rely on partnerships, which were heavily discussed in yesterday’s panel. On the topic of entering a partnership, Tony expressed that, “The key factor in this is you must have a mutual passion for the project you are working on. Additionally, a healthy partnership stems from you having something valuable to offer them, as well as them having something you need.”


At GoodBookey and Carimus, our want and need are to create social impact in our community. Our incredible Charity Partners have established organizations that seek change on important issues in today’s world and spread that mission throughout our community. BOOM! Healthy partnership achieved. Not only do we value our partnership with the charities, but also our partnership with our faithful users. GoodBookey supporters make everything we are doing possible. Thanks for helping us reach our goals – teamwork makes the dream work.