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March Madness Final Four

Sweet 16 Day 2: More Close Games or Total Upsets? Our Predictions.

Today is day two of the Sweet 16 and we’re ready to see some upsets, especially after some close games yesterday. UCLA vs. Kentucky promises to be a fun one, and we’re betting some of our picks aren’t yours. That being said, Dr. Senkbeil has a good feeling about a few. Take a look below and tell us: which teams are you rooting for?

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Dr. Senkbeil March Madness Round 2

March Madness Day One is HERE!

It’s Day One of March Madness, and we’re ready! With the help of Dr. Senkbeil, we’re prepping you for the games to look out for, who his projected winner is, and why. (Projected winner marked with “w”.)

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