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Announcing our new Runologie partnership—and a giveaway!

Goodbookey is proud to announce that we are partnering with Runologie for our very first mystery box giveaway!

Runologie is an independently owned and operated speciality running store located in Raleigh, North Carolina (just like Goodbookey). They are dedicated to providing quality shoes, clothing, and accessories for runners of all kinds. Additionally, each of their team members are experienced runners who assist costumers in making choices that lead to a more enjoyable walk, run, and overall lifestyle.

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March Madness Final Four

Could UNC become the NCAA National Champions? Our Final Four thoughts.

The Final Four has arrived and we’re more ready than ever. Our brackets are locked, our bets are in, and the time has come: Who will take home the title of National Champions?

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March Madness Final Four

Sweet 16 Day 2: More Close Games or Total Upsets? Our Predictions.

Today is day two of the Sweet 16 and we’re ready to see some upsets, especially after some close games yesterday. UCLA vs. Kentucky promises to be a fun one, and we’re betting some of our picks aren’t yours. That being said, Dr. Senkbeil has a good feeling about a few. Take a look below and tell us: which teams are you rooting for?

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Orange County Rape Crisis Center

Nonprofit Spotlight: Orange County Rape Crisis Center

GoodBookey partner Orange County Rape Crisis Center (OCRCC) is one of the longest standing charities supported by the app. Since 1974, OCRCC has been committed to stopping sexual violence and its impact through support, education, and advocacy. The Center provides a 24-hour help line, advocacy and accompaniment, support groups, workshops, and therapy referrals. OCRCC also offers educational programs for raising awareness about sexual violence. Additionally, it teaches prevention skills in its hometown of Chapel Hill, North Carolina and surrounding communities in Orange County.

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GoodBookey Charitable Gambling App

GoodBookey — Can Charitable Gambling Work? Let’s see.

Why do people bet?

The common thinking is that there are a couple of reasons–the thrill of competition, risk and reward, and associated social interactions. People do play for money, and some of the ill-advised few even do this for financial gain.

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Far Away Friends

February Nonprofit Spotlight: Far Away Friends

GoodBookey partner Far Away Friends is a relatively young non-profit, but the organization has accomplished amazing things in just two years. Their mission to end educational poverty in rural communities by fostering global empathy was inspired by co-founder Collines Angwech’s own pursuit of education.

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Bridges to Prosperity

Nonprofit Spotlight: Bridges to Prosperity

In the world of non-profits, GoodBookey partner Bridges to Prosperity (B2P) believes there is efficiency in specialization. By focusing on providing access for isolated communities to markets, healthcare, and schools, B2P hopes to eliminate poverty caused by rural isolation around the world. This significance of the problem is demonstrated by data from the World Bank, showing that one billion people around the world lack year-round access to roads and bridges.

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Hearts with Haiti

Nonprofit Spotlight: Hearts with Haiti

Above all, GoodBookey partner Hearts with Haiti believes in relationships. Their relationships with the St. Joseph Family (SJF) provide invaluable support to Haiti’s most vulnerable children. It fills urgent needs for the basics—food, shelter, clothing, care, education—and offering hope for the future. Their relationship also includes Wings of Hope and Lekol Sen Trinite.

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