theChive Hosts Spelling Bee with GoodBookey App

When you think of high-stakes betting, you probably don’t think of spelling bees.


But that’s exactly what GoodBookey partner theChive has built its latest fundraiser around as a concept. On February 22, people across the country will bet on – and even directly influence – a spelling bee at their headquarters in Austin, Texas.


The event, which benefits Chive Charities, is made possible in part by GoodBookey. GoodBookey is the leader in social impact gaming – creating fun games that take live events to the next level with user engagement and charitable donations.


The spelling bee will be done Jeopardy-style with two rounds of questions and a final category. It will feature teams made of Influencers from theChive and the highest donors from Chive Chapters throughout the USA. In addition to the stage at Chive HQ, the event will be broadcasted on theChive’s Facebook Live. Through GoodBookey, users will be able to bet on who will finish first, second, and third, and can also donate money to “sabotage” specific teams.


The spellers won’t be the only ones winning: GoodBookey users win too, scoring points by correctly guessing the spelling bee winning teams. The user who scores the most points will receive flights and tickets for two to theChive’s marquee “Green Gala” event in November.


Chive Charities prides itself on “championing the underdogs.” It focuses on three main causes: Rare medical diagnoses, first responders and veterans, and special education initiatives. If it seems like Chive Charities has raised money to help just about everyone, it’s because it almost has, from mass shooting victims to a struggling fire department.


“The whole GoodBookey team is thrilled to partner with theChive on this event,” said Carimus co-founder and CEO Tony Pease. “We make great partners: theChive is a creative-minded outlet, and GoodBookey was made to enhance interactivity and fun. The spelling bee is a creative event in itself, and then the app takes it to the next level by making it possible for people all over the country to directly participate.”


This isn’t the first time that GoodBookey and Chive Charities have worked together. Three years ago, they became joint sponsors of driver Thomas “Moose” Praytor for the final 2 races of the 2016 ARCA Series Season.


“Chive Nation is huge, and we’re excited to give them a chance to actually influence the outcome of this competition,” said Pease. “Their drive to come together and bring happiness and relief to those who need it most – the ‘underdogs’ – is just amazing.”


If you would like to participate in theChive Spelling Bee using GoodBookey, the app is available for download in the Google Play Store and the iTunes Store. It can also be downloaded at To enter the game, users can make an optional donation, all of which goes to Chive Charities.