Upset Specials

If we have learned one thing in the GB College Football Challenge, it is to go with the game that I identify as a nearly impossible upset.

In week 2, it was Kentucky (at Florida) and last week it was BYU (at Wisconsin). Ranked teams are not supposed to lose at home to mid-level teams short on talent.

So, what games occupy the 600 to 1200 point territory that makes me immediately think, “Oh that will never happen?”

Did I just jinx the upsets? Let’s take a look:


Upset Specials

Nebraska (800 pts) at Michigan – The Huskers are not terrible, but not good either. Michigan is really good on defense. So far the upset victims have been defensive teams that also beat themselves a little.


Texas A&M (1500 pts) at Bama – Bama has struggled with mobile QBs that can throw and Kellen Mond fits the bill. Does A&M have enough horsepower to pull this one out? I don’t think so.


Louisiana Tech (975 pts) at LSU – LSU will be flat after last week’s winning field goal AND they tend to play to the level of their competition. Still, I cannot ever see them losing to LaTech.


Reach of the Week

Virginia Tech at Old Dominion (2875 pts) – NO WAY, but we now know that FSU is terrible and who else has VaTech played?


Rapid Fire Thoughts

Road Heavyweights

Mississippi State (127 pts) – Mississippi State is very talented this year and has something special going.


Georgia (115 pts) – This team is loaded… watch out.


TCU (165 pts) – Texas might be tough to beat in Austin, but they will look slow after playing Ohio State.


Clemson (111 pts) – Georgia Tech running the option against Clemson’s D line is not smart. This is a lock.


Michigan State (152 pts) – If they lost to Indiana? Wow.


Home Specials

Iowa (250 pts) – Wisconsin lost yes, but Iowa has a great defense and is tough at home. Can the Hawkeyes score?


Kentucky (450 pts) – Tough task to beat Mississippi State but they have already overachieved.


Wake (350 pts) – Notre Dame is going to be in a lot of close games this year.


Purdue (315 pts) – Purdue is nowhere near as bad as their record shows.


Texas (235 pts) – Did we see a new Texas last week or a bad USC? That is the question.