Week 5: What A Time to be Alive

I said NO WAY and it happened again! ODU was a 28 point underdog, but VTech’s QB went down, and their offense was already dysfunctional. Their defense also forgot to show up and a historic upset occurred. Once again a ranked team with a mediocre or poor offense went down. Will it happen again for the upset special I think is least likely to occur? Who could that be this week?


Upset Specials

BYU (800) at Washington – BYU is solid but nothing spectacular. Statistically, they should not be able to beat Washington, but Washington fits the profile of a defensive team that could have a horrible offensive game. BYU ranks 90th in offensive efficiency and Washington is 3rd in defensive efficiency. The Cougars need a few turnovers but it is possible.

Syracuse (1,350) at Clemson – The Orange are undefeated and beat Clemson last year. Clemson most likely gets revenge here. Statistically, this is a long shot.

UNC (789) at Miami – UNC surprisingly beat Pitt last week. They are really inconsistent. Miami is a better team but has not been playing well. Stranger things have happened.

Pitt (600) at UCF – Can’t see that happening. UCF is still blowing teams out.

Baylor (1,475) at Oklahoma – For two straight weeks, OU has looked ill. They have injury issues and are not focused. Baylor is not good though, but they might have enough offense to stay in the game. Really low odds here.

Tennessee (5,600) at Georgia – Did you see Tennessee last week? They can’t play much worse. NO.

Just for fun, Louisiana Lafayette (104,100) at Bama – The world might end the next day if this happened.


Sure Things

Bama (100)

Auburn (102)

Michigan (120)

Georgia (101)

Michigan State (102)


Road Heavyweights

Texas (131) at K State – K State just doesn’t seem to have it this year and Texas might be finding itself.

Ohio State (160) at Penn State – Huge game for the Buckeyes who are ranked 2nd in total efficiency. Penn State is ranked 6th.

Michigan (120) at Northwestern – Michigan also seems to be finding itself.

West Virginia (154) at Texas Tech – WVU has looked good, but Texas Tech shocked everyone last week by blowing out Oklahoma State in Stillwater.


Home Team Even Odds Games

Notre Dame (151) vs Stanford – Notre Dame clicked with a new QB last week.

Penn State (250) vs Ohio State – Losing to the Buckeyes at home?

Cal (245) vs Oregon – Who is CAL? They are 4-0 with a very good defense and special teams. Yes, you read that correctly.

Kentucky (180) vs South Carolina – Another surprise team that plays D. Kentucky ranks 14th overall in efficiency. South Carolina is only a few spots behind them overall.

Texas Tech (250) vs WVU – Can they do it two weeks in a row?

Duke (114) – Duke is good!